Snyder budget calls for more school, road funding

Governor Rick Snyder rolling out a nearly $57 billion budget for 2019, which will, in part, provide more funding to K-12 schools and infrastructure. In his state of the state address, Snyder called for the largest K-12 school funding increase in 15 years. Local State Senator Phil Pavlov says that money is due in part to higher property values in Michigan and high rates of employment, which generate income tax revenue for the state. Pavlov, speaking to WPHM yesterday morning, also says the budget calls for more road funding. Pavlov says the Governor will likely face some push back from members of his own party to approve the budget. Snyder will be increasing K-12 funding but making cuts to online schools, which has drawn some contention from members of his own party. Legislators have also expressed their concerns over a $5 annual water fee to pay for infrastructure repairs and a higher landfill disposal fee to fund environmental cleanup.