Annual drug statistics show increase in meth busts locally

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force has released drug bust statistics from the past year. Sheriff Mat King says in 2020 there were 34 drug related search warrants and 183 traffic stops executed, resulting 218 arrests for drug related activity in the county. King, speaking to WPHM’s Paul Miller yesterday, says the number one drug is the county is methamphetamine. In fact, the amount of meth seized by the drug task force over the past year more than doubled, from about 1100 grams in 2019 to 2600 grams in 2020. The Drug Task Force this past year also seized 180 grams of cocaine and 121 grams of heroin.

For a map of this past year’s drug busts, visit the following link:

January 25 Sheriff Mat King