Passing officer assists motorist in Lakeport vehicle fire

A passing customs officer assisted a motorist who’s vehicle caught fire late Thursday night near Lakeport. According to US Customs and Border Protection, one of their officers was on his way to work at Blue Water Bridge when he stopped to help the stranded motorist along M-25 during a snow storm. The motorist was taking shelter in the vehicle of a passer by and both were having difficulty dialing 9-1-1. The CBP officer was able to call local emergency services and was assisted by a colleague who was traveling home from work. The two helped direct traffic away from the engulfed vehicle during the snowstorm and remained on the scene until fire crews arrived. “This is another shining example of our officers going to great lengths to provide assistance to those in need”, said Port Huron Area Port Director Michael Fox. “I’m proud of the valiant efforts CBP personnel provide to our community during times like this.” The driver of the vehicle in distress was not injured.