Downtown art studio sold to new owners

An art studio in Downtown Port Huron has officially been sold to a private owner. The City of Port Huron and Community Foundation of St. Clair County will be selling their interests in the property at 1219 Military Street to Carol Dalrymplel of the Foundry and Hallway Escape. City Manager James Freed tells WPHM that the former Studio 1219 had a successful run as a public entity over the past 15 years but it’s time for the city to move on.

“The Community and the (city) pulled off a pretty successful program,” said Freed. “We were able to buy a building, bring in arts and cultural center, find someone to run it, and sell it for a small profit.” Freed says the new owners intend to continue operating the venue as an arts and culture center as known as “The Foundry” and was sold 185-thousand dollars.