Contractor doing a ‘Terrible Job’ at leaf removal


Port Huron City council got an earful from the public Monday night about seasonal leaf removal – or lack thereof – in the City of Port Huron. Contractor Emterra Environmental currently provides trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk leaf removal services in Port Huron. Emterra is in the final year of a five year contract and city manager James Freed says they have not lived up to their end of the agreement.

“We’ve been very candid, they’ve been doing a terrible job,” Freed told WPHM. “They promised us four rigs fully crewed in the city every day… we document where they’re going, they’ve had two, maybe one rig, and have fallen behind. We promised people weekly pickup and they’re not getting it.”

Freed says the city could terminate the agreement with Emterra now if they wanted to, but with staffing shortages and the changing of seasons, they will be staying with Emterra for through the end of the contract. Freed adds the city is also floating the idea of having their own crews handling the bulk leaf pickup.

Also during last Monday’s meeting, council approved nearly $278,000  for the purchase of a new armored vehicle for the Port Huron Police Department and $75,000 of American Rescue Plan funds for the Harvey Reinvestment Center.

New city council member Conrad Haremza took the oath of office and participated in his first council meeting. He and incumbents Jeff Pemberton and Anita Ashford were elected to four year terms last week. Port Huron City council also re-appointed Sherri Archibald as their Mayor Pro Tem.