Marine City marina project moves ahead


The Community Foundation of St. Clair County is announcing nearly $400,000 in grant money to help a downriver marina reach its next phase of development. These new funds join the financial support from The DNR Trust Fund, The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, and even prior funds from the Community Foundation itself. All helped in originally purchasing the land along the Belle River needed for the marina and demolishing a home on the property.

Additionally, the funds will help build amenities for the marina such as a pavilion, restrooms, parking, and improvements to the nearby Bridge to Bay trail. The trail runs through Downtown Marine City and a new marina would help to fill in gaps where the trail is not yet completed in the city. Coupled with the recent addition of a new Kayak launch, the goal of the foundation is to use the marina property as a dual trailhead for both water trails and land trails.