Pavilion purchase has been approved


The Port Huron City Council has approved the purchase agreement with the St. Clair County Community College that convey’s ownership of the McMorran Pavilion and Tower to Sc4. The council approved the deal Monday night during their regular meeting. Council members Al Lewandowski and Alphonso Amos voted against the agreement. Council member Lewandowski has criticized the council over the past months for making the deal with the college, says McMorran doesn’t need the millions of dollars in capital improvements that Sc4 is offering under the agreement. If McMorran was marketed right, says Lewandowski, it would have just as many opportunities as Sc4 is offering. He feels there were other options the city has, instead of selling one of it’s best valuable assets in downtown. Mayor pro-term Sherry Archibald, who voted for the agreement and has two children who grew up playing hockey locally, says it was a tough decision for her, but she feels Sc4 gaining control of the pavilion is the best for the city moving forward. Several residents also spoke out against the deal during the public comment section, concerned that under the agreement, after ten years, the college can do whatever they want with property. Under the agreement, Sc4 will make $3 million in capital improvements, $2 million of which must be invested within the next 15 months. The city council also approved spending over $300,000 to make upgrades and repairs to two elevators in the building. The elevators, which are 40 years old, have had issues over the years, Mayor Pauline Repp noted that over the years, many people have gotten stuck in the elevators.