Red Cross seeks blood donations


Blood donations decline during the winter months, as people are busy with the holidays, but the need for blood donations is always consistent. The American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for donations recently and they’ve seen thousands respond to their need. Todd Kulman with the American Red Cross says during this busy time of year, blood donations decline, but they have seen a great response to their call for donations. He notes that they are looking for all blood types, especially O, AB, B negative and A negative. Kulman says that every two seconds somebody, somewhere, needs a blood transfusion is this country. A blood drive will also be held at the Port Huron Blood Donation Center, located at 615 Pine Street, on February 11th, from 12:45-6:30pm. If you would like to give the gift of life, contact the American Red Cross to setup an appointment at: 1-800-Red-Cross or go online at: