New multi-language signs at Macomb center

The Community Center in Warren has installed new multi-language signs at the Thompson Family Resource Center. The signs are in English, Arabic and Bengali. The center is expected to see a greater need for the trilingual signs due to the area’s immigrant population, a significant portion of which comes from Arabic-speaking countries as well as from Bangladesh, where Bengali is spoken. The facility serves the south end of Macomb County and includes Michigan State University Extension, the Macomb County Health Department, offices for Macomb Community Action and Macomb Children’s Healthcare Access Program. The new signage will allow more people to take advantage of the many resources at Thompson, said director of Macomb Community Action, Rhonda Powell. The county has also installed Video Remote Interpreting capability at key service centers, which provides on-demand translation services. The translation services are accessed via a computer terminal when a client checks in, like a Skype call. For more information visit: