People Are Searching For What “Florida Man” Did On Their Birthday

It’s the latest trend to take the internet by store, but unlike that stupid dress (that was totally black and blue), this one’s kind of fun! We all know that “Florida Man” has gotten into some whacked-out situations over the years. Well, now everyone is looking up headlines involving this crazy dude associated with their birthdays and sharing the results on social media. All you have to do is search for the term “Florida Man” followed by the date of your birth. For instance, Rock 105.5 started broadcast on April 20th, 2015 so we typed “Florida man April on 20” into Google and got the perfect headline as one of our top results:

Florida Man Adjusts Radio, Crashes Off a 50-Foot-Tall Bridge in a Chevy Camaro

Consider that a PSA on distracted driving!

The reason why crazy news comes from Florida isn’t that the state has crazier residents than anywhere else. It’s because the Freedom of Information laws in Florida make it easier for journalists to obtain information about arrests from the police than in other states. That means the headlines for articles from Florida can encompass more details to give us headlines like this:

You can thank T.C.’s birthday for that one!

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