New Comerica Park Rules

Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers is tomorrow! If you plan on playing hooky from work, make sure you know about the new rules at Comerca Park to avoid any potential headaches. To sum it up:

The No’s: aerosol cans, animals aside from events like Bark out the Park (service animals are cool), bats of any size, beach balls or other inflatable items, bottles, beer (they want you to buy that THERE), brooms, Frisbees, fishing nets, laser pointers, skateboards, hover boards, tripods, selfie sticks, banners on sticks, and metal tipped and overly large umbrellas.

Fireworks, knives, and firearms are of course prohibited. Even squirt gun aren’t allowed.

It’s a negative on drones too, so sorry but no amateur fly-over footage.


Stuff that IS allowed: small soft-sided coolers, snacks and individual-portion-size food, factory sealed bottles of unflavored water, single-compartment, drawstring bags that are no bigger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches (ALL bags must fit these parameters! This includes purses, diapers bags, and said coolers.), mitts and gloves, binoculars, blankets, cameras, headphones and radios, signs and handheld banners, strollers, baby bottles (And yeah, you should have an actually baby with you for those previous two!), and smaller umbrellas.

Bags will be searched upon entry into the park, so if you have any of the no-no stuff on your, you’ll have to hoof it back to your car to store it until after the game.

Now you should be ready to call into work sick tomorrow! But if you’re a nut for fine print, can go to the official site here for basically the same info.