Pot businesses would not be allowed in Port Huron under proposed ordinance

Port Huron City Council is seeking to prohibit recreational marijuana businesses, such as pot shops and growing operations, at least for a year under a proposed ordinance that will have it’s first reading tonight. The ordinance would not allow marijuana establishments in the city as defined in a ballot initiative passed by Michigan voters last November. The initiative gave local communities the chance to “opt-out” of the retail aspect of the pot law, with some 500 municipalities in the state already choosing to do so. Port Huron’s ordinance would sunset on June 30th of next year, meaning it could give city council approximately a year to draft a new ordinance if they wish to do so. Also tonight, Port Huron city council is expected to accept bids for new radios for the police department for approximately $36,000. Council will also receive a bid of $1.3 million from RCL construction for electrical work at the wastewater treatment plant. Port Huron City council meets at 7pm tonight at the Municipal Office Center.