Pot shop ban gives Port Huron time to explore options

Port Huron City Council is moving forward with a ban on recreational marijuana businesses in the city. At Monday night’s city council meeting, council members enacted an ordinance which would tap the breaks on allowing any pot establishments in the city of approximately a year. Port Huron Mayor Pauline Repp tells WPHM it doesn’t mean the city is totally saying “no” to pot forever, as the ordinance gives council more time to consider their options. “This ban expires June 30th,” said Repp. “If they (the administration) can move it up, and deal with the issue earlier than that, we would appreciate it.” In the meantime, Mayor Repp says the city will look at best practices and similar ordinances from other cities.  She says the ban only applies to such business as pot shops, growing operations, and processors. It does not effect a private individuals right to consume marijuana on their own property.