Council approves study of Port Huron’s fire stations

Port Huron is taking the next steps to either replace or remodel the city’s three fire stations. Mayor Pauline Repp says city council approved an agreement Monday with Redstone Architects to study the city’s fire stations and to make a recommendation on their future use. Repp tells WPHM that the city’s three fire stations range in age between 40 and 60 years old, and that a lot has changed since they were first built. “All those buildings are obviously aging, they have some issues,” said Repp. “They (Redstone) will let us know whether or not it’s more cost efficient to refurbish the buildings as they are or to think about building a different building.” Repp adds that the location of the central fire station, being on the Black River near the campus of SC4, could be valuable to both developers and to the city’s tax base.


February 25 Pauline Repp